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About us
Our vision at BLiNK Software is to deliver clear, simple and accurate IT solutions to our customers' business requirements. Our consultants have a vast array of experience analysing, designing and developing systems and can call on a plethora of methodologies and technologies to deliver quality software solutions. Although this expansive knowledge and expertise is available we believe in keeping things simple and to the point. Software solutions that are over complicated are usually unusable and certainly not cost effective.

Without doubt the most crucial stage of any project is planning which is why we believe that listening to and analysing our customers' requirements is our first priority. Before we embark on any development project we ensure via our documentation and communication policy that our customers are in total agreement with our vision of the goals of the project. In that way we keep the surprises down to a minimum.
Planning and good communication
"Careful planning and good communication are the keys to delivering a project on time and on budget."

It is for this reason that we have developed our in-house development methodology, LADDER, in order to ensure each project, no matter how small, follows strict guidelines, and gets delivered on time and on budget.

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