The NUtility class library is a high-level .NET library which provides a variety of utility classes to help in the creation of .NET applications.

NUtility currently has classes which provide a database abstraction layer, command line processing and validation and conversion functionality, which includes: commandline processing; credit card validation; email address validation; IP address validation; UK postcode validation; Soundex, extended Soundex and metaphone encoding; ROT13 encoding; phonetic-alphabet encoding; and metric-imperial conversions.

The plans for the next release of NUtility include the addition of an attribute-based commandline mechanism (similar to the Mono's GetOptions) and a modified build system which will make teh addition of new assemblies significantly easier.

Longer term plans for NUtility include adding functionality to provide object persistance and native-GUI/Web form generation classes, which in turn will form the foundation for BLiNK Software's .NET version of the SUID application, which is under working title of the .NET Application Framework. We're also hoping to extend the existing namespaces wherever possible, and have a number of small plans including implementing the double Metaphone algorithm in the Conversion namespace, and adding some thread-safe collection classes, although we're also very keen to hear your suggestions.

For access to the NUtility forums, bug reports or to browse NUtility's CVS repositry, please visit the NUtility project area which is hosted at Sourceforge. Logo